Inspiring Thoughts

“Don’t ever get too serious about what you do. Life is full of joy. Laughter is an outward sign of that joy. Show me a friend who has a genuine, spontaneous laugh and you’ve shown me a person who is close to the truth.”

— Paul Martin Lester


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In 2011 Dr. Paul Martin Lester published a little book entitled The Zen of Photojournalism. The book had 100 reflective thoughts (koans). In a discussion with Paul, we thought it would be interesting if users of this site could contribute their own thoughts on the creative process, on photojournalism or a quote that photographers might relate too. Some of Paul’s original 100 are in the database and currently there are a total of 21 thoughts.

If you would like to contribute to the database of quotes and thought concerning the creative process and photojournalism please submit your suggestions here.

After either Paul or I approve it, it will be available to you and others.